The Cross below Javorník

The cross dated to 1796 was commissioned by Trojanovice residents Jiří Chovanec, Josef Horečka and Jan Tichavský. It is listed a Cultural Heritage of the Czech Republic. The National Monument Institute in Ostrava rated the cross among the most beautiful and valuable in the Moravskoslezský Region. 


The Cross by the road to Pindula, near house number 77

This cross close to Pindula (gap between Trojanovice and Rožnov p. R.) was built at the expense of Tomáš Zbavitel from house number 77 in 1908. In 2005 Mrs. Marie Zbavitelová paid for the renovation of the cross. 


The Cross at Pindula 

The cross dated 1751 is the second oldest church monument in the village. As stated by the chronicler of Trojanovice it was built with the bandits's money (see p.24 - Myths and legends).


The Cross on Radhošť

The first cross on the mountain was built as late as 1735. It was a wooden cross and in 1805 it was replaced with a stone one. The new cross was commissioned by Rožnov burgher Michal Janík. In 1808 the cross was blown down in the storm and raised again. After the chapel had been reconstructed in 1931 the cross was placed in front of its entrance and replaced with the sculpture of Sts. Cyril and Methodius. 


The Cross at Kopaná

The cross stands by the Solárka road next to the tuming towards Kopaná. Josef Makový and Tomáš Pargač had it put there in 1886. Its restoration was undertaken in 1921 and again in 1972. In 2009 the cross went through complete reconstruction.


The Cross at Lomná

The cross can be found in the centre of the roundabout at Lomná. It carries an inscription: "This cross was raised in year 1843 by Trojanovice neighbours and by a storm lightning in 1896 damaged; in the same year, in the mayoralty of Karel Kocián, by villagers from Lomná repaired. "


The Cross at the Bystré crossroads

This cross has been placed close to the bridge over the Bystrý stream at Planiska. It was made by local stonecutter Miroslav Uhlář (house number 257) and raised and blessed in the year 2000. It was paid for with money raised in the village and the contribution from Mr. Drahomír Strnadel. 


The Cross at Bystré, outside house number 291 falls under Kunčice pod Ondřejníkem

The cross was raised in 1909 at the expense of Johana Polášková from house number 306 in Trojanovice and her daughter Anežka, widowed Rajnochová. It stands on the plot of Josef Kaňa — house number 291. 


The Cross at Bystré, outside house number 314 

The cross standing close to the house of Mr. Kytrych (number 314) was commissioned by Matouš Čada and his wife in 1902, to honour and praise the Lord.