Materials about food in Wallachia and thus in Trojanovice are very brief. There is a sententious description of Wallachians' food in Daniel Sloboda's article in the middle of the 19th century: "All the year round the Wallachians live on cabbage and spuds, they love mash from buckwheat, millet, or wheat boiled in milk, they cook grout and pulses a lot. Bread can be seen but on the tables of bigger farmers. For valued guests they cut a new loaf, yet they will not put the heel on the table. Then they press their guest to cut "deep and round", to ensure that they have good harvest. If they have fresh butter, cheese or goat cheese, scrambled eggs and milk - well, they have a feast. They bake cakes for celebrations, thanksgivings, weddings and similar occasions: only the well-to-do families have them each Sunday. In summer they pick strawberries and raspberries, yet mostly to sell them in towns - strawberries are supposed to make you feel hungry. They pick mushrooms as well, which they dry to preserve them for winter." Traditional Wallachian cuisine still uses cabbage, buckwheat and potatoes a lot. 

Soups - zelňačka(cabbage soup) is the traditional soup in the region, sometimes it is called „kyselica" (sour soup). Its basic ingredients are sauerkraut, potatoes, bacon or sausage. then flour, milk, cream or sour milk to thicken it. 


Main dishes - in the past people ate buckwheat mash boiled in salt water. it was often mixed with home milk. Today they serve buckwheat mash boiled or fried with vegetables, bacon, sausage or smoked meat. Another traditional dish is "bramborák or pampúch" (potato pancake). It is made from grated potatoes, flour or breadcrumbs, eggs and spice. The batter is then fried in hot fat. These potato pancakes are particularly popular with fried liver with onion and scrambled eggs. 


Desserts - in Trojanovice cakes were baked for festive occasions. They are a very popular dessert even now. There are two types of cakes. The small, round ones are about 10 -12cm in diameter, with various fillings inside. The other type of cakes is also called "lopaťák" or "frgál" (around Rožnov frgál is a name for an unsightly cake). These cakes are larger (about 30cm in diameter). round and thin. The filling is spread all over their surface and sprinkled with crumble. The fillings for both types of cakes are made from curd, pear jam, poppy seed, blueberries or blackberries. Today guests can find many of the traditional dishes on the menus of the Valašská koliba (Valaška shed), Zbojnická koliba (Rebels' shed), koliba Nad Vlčinou (Shed above VIčina) or at the restaurant U Kociána (At Kocian).