Antonín Strnadel - painter and graphic designer

* May 10th 1910 - October 31st, 1975

Antonín Strnadel drew inspiration from folklore traditions of Wallachia. His inborn creative talents brought him to the Uměleckoprůmyslová Škola (School of Applied Arts) in Prague, where he studied in the class of J. Benda. Later he continued his education at Prague Akademie výtvarných umění (Acade-my of Creative Arts) with Professor Max Švabinský. In 1945 he became the Professor of VŠUP (College of Applied Arts) in Prague. Antonín Strnadel is regarded as a noted representative of Czech post-war book illustration.


Josef Strnadel - writer and literary theoretician

* February 23rd, 1912 - March 4th,1986

Josef Strnadel studied Faculty of Arts at Charles University in Prague in the years 1932-37. In 1939-40 he was imprisoned in Sachsenhausen. His literary works were inspired by Wallachia: the first of them was Rok pod horami (A Year below the Mountains). He also published a volume of folk songs and some essayistic texts in books of photographs.


Jan Knebl - sculptor and painter

*December 31th,1866 - November 22nd, 1962

Jan Knebl graduated at Odborná škola pro zpracování dřeva (Wood-working Trade School) in Valašské Meziříčí. He spent some time working for sculptor Pohlner in Dvorce and then went on to study in Vienna and Budapest. He drew the subjects for his sculptures and paintings from Wallachia. He made a number of relievos, the bust of Josef Kalus, the tablet for Radhošť Festival 1931 and several nativity scenes. One of his nativity scenes can be seen in Montgomery, USA.


Bohumir Strnadel - Četyna – writer

*October 29th,1906 - January 11th, 1974

Another of the Strnadel brothers. He was a registrar in Frenštát p. R. He was interested in history. He published several volumes of poetry and short stories, a tetralogy depicting Wallachia in the 17th and 18th centuries called Hukvaldské rebelie (Hukvaldy Rebellions) and a cycle of novels called Velká Ráztoka. He also wrote several comic books, like Valchař se směje (The Fuller is laughing) or Tutlanci a pozorníci (Smugglers and Rangers).

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Miroslav Liďák - painter and cartoonist

* June 2th,1934 - December 1st, 1983

Miroslav Liďák studied at art schools in Zlin and Uherské Hradiště. Together with Pavel Hanuš, the writer, they started to publish cartoons and caricatures in a number of magazines. Their pen-name was HAĎÁK. In 1967 he published Malý katechismus (Little Catechism), but later, by order of the communist party, he was not allowed to publish.



Alois Křoupala - dancer 

* January 22nd, 1881 - June 4th,1977

 Alois Křoupala from house number 272 learnt to dance when he was thirteen. His dances were recorded by a number of experts. His dancing career culminated in his performance for the film aro se bude taneit vgude. He taught folk dances to many dancers and helped to preserve folk songs in his book Below Radhošť.


Anna Šablaturová - singer and dancer

 * May 27th,1889 -  September 9th,1980

 Anna Šablaturová was the most famous singer of folk songs in the Frenštát area; she was also a co-founder of Valašska družina (Wallachian club) and cooperated with Brněnský rozhlasový orchestr (Brno Radio Orchestra). She wrote down about 70 folk songs. With A. Křoupal they formed an excellent dancing pair. 


Education and Ethnography

Karel Raška - teacher and founder of the fire brigade

 * August 26th,1904 - Janury 8th,1943 

Since 1932 Karel Raška taught in Trojanovice, where he established the fire brigade. He worked in the illegal anti-Nazi organization Obrana národa. In 1941 he was arrested, then sentenced and executed in September 1942. 


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Josef Rek - teacher and folk-song collector

 February 2nd, 1912- May 1st, 1973

 Josef Rek collected half-forgotten songs and created harmonization for three voices. He published them with B. Četyna with the title Trojanovice zpivaji (Trojanovice are singing). He led the folk ensemble Radhošť. 


Drahomír Strnadel - teacher and ethnography worker

 * August 15th, 1941 

Drahomír Strnadel has initiated many publications about the village of Trojanovice and emigration from the Frenštát area. He was one of the people who revived Matice Radhošťská society in 1994 and has been its chairman since then. He also chairs the Muzejní a vlastivědná společnost (Museum and Ethnography Society) in Frenštát p. R. Besides his publishing work he devotes his time to working with children and to his farm. 



Missionary Work 

Vincenc Janda – missionary

 * March 25th,1908 – April 8 th, 1982 Quayaquil in Ecuador

 Vincenc Janda, Salesian coadjutor, decided to follow the teachings of Jan Bosco and sealed the decision with promises of poverty, purity and obedience. He worked as a missionary in Ecuador for 51 years, among others in the virgin forest among the native Kivars. He also taught at local grammar school, supervised several building projects and as an accountant he looked after 3,800 charges.




Miroslav Jaškovský - mountaineer 

* June 2nd, 1926 - November 11th, 2007 

Miroslav Jaškovský from house number 229 was a Merited Sportsman and member and coach of the national Alpinist team. During his mountaineering career he made 600 alpine climbs.




Josef Mikeska - founder and chairman of the Sokol club 

* March 14", 1890 - March 31st, 1942 in Osvětim (Auschwitz)

 Josef Mikeska was the chairman of the Sokol club and a vice-chairman of the fire brigade. He was tortured to death in the concentration camp Osvětim.